About me

Hi, I’m Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe, and I love words.

Listening to them, learning new ones, putting the perfect ones down on page to make that sentence just right, and whizzing them around again until they’re just so.

And of course, nattering words to chat, relate, put the world to rights, ask questions, and generally find out more about the world and us in it.

My Story

After finishing my MA in Journalism at the University of Winchester in 2011, I applied for around 900-jobs! Yep, that’s a ballpark, but it was that horrendously high. My quantity over quality method to applying for jobs, along with my nervous “I’ve been possessed” face (as it’s been described) at interview, definitely contributed. This coupled with two successful job hires that were only then withdrawn due to budgets (?!), certainly didn’t help with my confidence.

Five internships later — including a 3-day Cardiff, 4-day Primark marathon six-week trek — and copious freelance gigs later, and I’d landed the role of editor for a communication company’s new magazine! I’d arrived, I thought!

Long story short, (I’ll be covering the whole shebang in future blog posts), I’ve now worked as a writer, NCTJ-qualified journalist and editor for over eight years. In 2015, I went fully freelance. I wanted to learn more, write about all the fascinating parts of life and the world that I’m curious about, and be able to take ‘mini-retirements’ as part and parcel of life (more about that later too!).

I love it!

Who Am I When I’m Not Writing? 


I also help people find their roar through content marketing and communications over at my company, Lion Spirit Media. Setting up a business has certainly kept me busy (and struggling with my sanity more times than I should have let it!). Ironically, the reason I went out on my own in the very first place was to help with my mental health. That said, I do love it. And I secretly know that even if I didn’t, I’d take it over a 4-hour commute any day! Being in charge of my own time has been the best thing I’ve ever done. 

When I’m not writing (which does make up a lot of where you’ll find me as I’m usually attached to a keypad somewhere), I LOVE to travel! Or mini-retirements as I call them. Because why wait until you’re actually retired, eh? 

In 2019, I’ve headed to Florida, US; Italy’s Palermo, Catania and Milan, Paris (work trip), Paris (Disney trip), Amsterdam (work trip), Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. And Prague will make it onto that list before the year’s out. Reading that sounds crazy, but it’s my passion, and it really doesn’t cost as much as I certainly thought it would before I did it (more about that later too!). 

I also LOVE to perform on stage. Somehow, I managed to get into Mountview Drama School and so three-nights a week I trot off to do three hours of singing, acting and dancing — my body has lost its way in dance, but I somehow muddle through!

When I’m not travelling or performing, you’ll find me writing my first non-fiction book (more details to come!). 

Here is where I take a glimpse at a snapshot of our world. Happy reading!