News, features, interviews, blogs, reports and white papers — I’m a passionate and curious storyteller who has embraced them all. My portfolio is currently up to its 1500+ articles, and counting, daily. Switching up tone, style, voice and linguistic choices are all part of my day, as I love researching, crafting and publishing stories for your readers.   


Proofreading and editing the written word for online or offline content is a joy for those of us who like to get happily-bogged down in free-flowing words. Articles, blogs, reports, whitepapers, case studies or any other material — I’m happiest with my head in a bunch of words. And no challenge is too tough. I’m used to editing 120-page magazines, single-handedly, in their entirety to ensure quality standards and deadlines are met. 



When it comes to content, we’re after personalisation, images, video, audio, automation and tech. And we want it at the highest possible quality, frequently, to convey authenticity and trust. With so much on the news agenda, the task of publishing can be a time-consuming and overwhelming one. 

Whether it’s uploading content to a content management system, optimising it for SEO purposes, pushing it onto social media or supporting you with creating and managing your flat plan — I can help you get your great content out there.